Salesmen to Superstars, like mixed martial arts, teaches the perfect combination of skills, techniques and methodologies that create superior sales teams. From novice to professional salesperson, our results oriented training will dramatically improve their productivity.



The best investment a company can make is training their sales force to the level of excellence. Sales generate revenue and revenue is the life blood of your company. You may have the best products, the best marketing and the best customer service but without a sale there is no cash flow. Having a highly skilled sales force is the fastest way to:

arrowIncrease  cash flow       arrowIncrease profits       arrow Increase inventory turns       arrowIncrease your company’s value

Imagine what it would be like if you had an entire sales team of superstars. Most companies have their top sales people closing eighty percent of their business. What if all your sales people where top producers? What would it mean to your company if your sales team was the top sales team in your entire industry? A company that can get more productivity and consequently more revenue out of the same number of people with little or no turnover translates into greater profits and a huge savings in overhead.

graphSales training has a high ROI and therefore is one of the best investments your company can make. It is an absolute that everyday your sales people are in the field under-trained, revenue is lost. It is penny wise and pound foolish to skimp on professional training of your sales team. Studies have shown that a properly trained sales force generates a minimum of 50% more revenue than an untrained team.



sales peopleYour sales people are the face of your company. How they look, how they speak and how they perform is a direct reflection of your company to the buyer. Why represent your company with an image that is anything but the best in your industry? As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”. First impressions are so fundamental to successful sales that it is mind boggling how a salesperson can be sent into the field professionally unprepared. How a salesperson presents himself, communicates, dresses, and his/her demeanor creates an immediate and indelible impression on the buyer and sets the tone for the entire sales presentation. In many cases, success or failure is determined within the first sixty seconds of the sales call.



sales-is-a-professionSales has the greatest impact on the degree of success your company will have. You would not employ a lawyer, accountant, architect or an engineer that was not highly trained and technically current in his or her field. Yet a sales department, which is critical to a business’s success, will hire sales people, even experienced salespeople, with little or no formal training. How can you hope to maximize your department’s earning potential? If you want your sales team to be the top sales force in your entire industry, Salesmen to Superstar is your resource for salesmanship excellence.



Superstar SalesmenSalesmen to Superstars is a comprehensive training program designed to make a salesperson, from the novice to the experienced, excel well beyond their current level of productivity. Salesmen to Superstars is designed to instill the skills, technics and methodologies that make your salespeople the most professional, most successful and most productive salespeople in their industry.


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