Jim KolinsMr. Kolins began selling retail while in high school and college. Following graduation from the University of Connecticut, Mr. Kolins began his professional sales training and career as a Sales Representative for IBM. After a number of years with IBM and a stint in the military, Mr. Kolins went to work for Xerox and NCR, all the while learning different sales models and techniques.

Wanting to experience what it would be like working for smaller companies, Mr. Kolins then moved on to manufacturers of computer peripherals, holding various sales management positions including Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Director of Sales, Director of Distribution & Channel Management and Vice President of Sales. Moving into software sales, Mr. Kolins became a Business Development Manager for the fifth largest software firm in the world, before becoming President and CEO of a communications software company in Silicon Valley.

After over twenty years in the high tech world and looking for a change of pace, Mr. Kolins saw enormous potential in high end residential real estate in California, Mr. Kolins got his real estate license and sold homes valued at well over a million dollars, later graduating to selling businesses as a Business Broker.

Always wanting to start a business of his own, Mr. Kolins became an entrepreneur and formed Bonkers Performance Teas; a company that has been successfully selling nutraceuticals infused teas for over ten years. Ambitious and energetic, Mr. Kolins concurrently attained a life insurance license and sold life insurance for one of the largest life insurance companies in America. Ever looking for something new and challenging, Mr. Kolins became a Master Hypnotist and opened a practice as a Hypnotherapist. His intellectual curiosity led him to studying Neuro-Linguistic-Programming and had him attending lectures by the founding fathers, Richard Bandler and John Grinder. In addition to all this personal experience and always in a learning mode, Mr. Kolins has read dozens of books on sales, been to numerous seminars, and listen to too many tapes and CDs, to mention.

This training program is a distillation of all Mr. Kolins’ accumulated experience and knowledge. The principles and techniques your sales team will learn are powerful and effective. There is no doubt that by putting what they learn to use you will realize a significant increase in sales revenue.

“The difference between an average salesperson and a Superstar is the depth and diversity of his skill set”

James J. Kolins

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