Sell Yourself First

Sell your self 2To be a great salesperson you have to first sell yourself. What I mean by that is you have to know that you are a great salesperson, that you have the confidence to close a sale regardless of the obstacles if in fact what you are selling is right for your prospect. Once you have learned the skills to be a professional salesperson, there are three ways to gain the self-confidence and be a highly successful salesperson:

Look Like a Professional: How you dress will create an immediate impression on your prospect. If you look professional, you will be perceived as a professional.

Act Like a Professional: How you carry yourself, how you shake the buyers hand, your facial expression all either reinforce of contradict the way you look.


Sales is a Profession

shaking on a deal

Sales is as much of a profession as accounting, law and engineering. If you work full time as a sales representative then you are in a professional career and should consider yourself a professional. Whether you are selling shoes or MRI-scanning equipment, you should be very proud to call yourself a salesman or saleswoman. It is the most honorable and important of all business professions. Sales generate the case flow that is the life blood of a company, making sales people indispensable. Have pride in yourself, your company and the products you represent. That attitude will generate respect from your prospects and make you more successful at your job. For buyers to see you as a professional you have to see yourself as a professional and conduct yourself accordingly.


Be The Best You Can Be


Many people believe they can get a job as a salesperson because that doesn’t require much training and it is easy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. To be a successful salesperson requires comprehensive instruction and then daily, and I do mean daily, learning and practicing. Tom Brady, Serena Williams and Tiger Woods are the very best at what they do, yet they practice and learn every single day.


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