Sell Yourself First

Sell your self 2To be a great salesperson you have to first sell yourself. What I mean by that is you have to know that you are a great salesperson, that you have the confidence to close a sale regardless of the obstacles if in fact what you are selling is right for your prospect. Once you have learned the skills to be a professional salesperson, there are three ways to gain the self-confidence and be a highly successful salesperson:

Look Like a Professional: How you dress will create an immediate impression on your prospect. If you look professional, you will be perceived as a professional.

Act Like a Professional: How you carry yourself, how you shake the buyers hand, your facial expression all either reinforce of contradict the way you look.

Talk Like a Professional: What you say and how you say it is extraordinarily important. If you use perfect grammar, have interesting dialog and not just listen to your prospect but hear what he is saying correctly your prospect will have great respect for you as a professional.

Know Your Products: Product knowledge will give you the confidence to talk with your prospect intelligently and help you understand how your products can fit into your buyer’s needs.

Know Your Prospects: Selling product is not the way to be successful. You must know your prospect, his needs and wants, his company and how your products can be of value to him. By preparing for the call you will go into your meeting with the confidence you need to make a sale.

Close Business: the more business you close the more confident you will be. Success breeds success. To do that you have to be persistent and not let missed sales discourage you. Learn why you did not sell a particular prospect, practice a better alternative and go after the next prospect with renewed vigor. The more prospects you see the more you will learn and the better salesperson you will become. Learn from your successes as well. What did you do right and what could you have done better?

Confidence shines though. When you feel confident, your prospect will feel confident in you. When a buyer feels confident that you know your product, understand his needs and have a value proposition that is in the best interest of his company he will buy. When he buys, your confidence in your sales abilities grows and will shine through to your next prospect. If you don’t feel particularly confident one day, act like you did on the days that you did feel confident and magically self-confidence will reappear. When you are well prepared, self-confidence is merely a state of mind.

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